Medical professionals, whether they’re gynaecologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, nurses, or from some specialisation you’ve never heard of, are basically heroes.


Medical Professional in consultation with young woman

They keep us healthy, they keep us alive and here at Four Five Oh, we are eternally grateful to their dedication, expertise and general awesomeness. With that in mind, we thought we’d ask a couple of wonderful medical professionals for some tips, so we asked them the question

‘What do you wish women knew about their body?’

and here’s what they told us:

Tip 1: Sex should never be painful

If sex is painful, something is wrong. You should never just drink some wine and bear it. Get help from a sexual health specialist.

Dr Megan Martin is a medical doctor and sexual health blogger. She is passionate about empowering women to make informed decisions about their own sexual health and well-being. Thanks Dr Martin – we love this tip, and we love your work (head over to her website for more really helpful articles). We’re also loving her Instagram account.

Tip 2: The contraception you’re relying on may not be as effective as you think

Condoms have an 18% failure rate, that the pill has up to a 9% failure rate, compared to a <1% failure rate with an IUD.

Dr Kristina Dervaitis is a Canadian gynaecologist helping women to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Her YouTube Channel ‘Talking IUC with Dr D‘ contains lots of helpful facts and information about the IUD. Dr Dervartis has also just started an Instagram account. What is it that makes an IUD so much more reliable? The fact that it’s inserted by a medical professional – always look out for the ‘perfect use’ vs the ‘typical use’ effectiveness on birth control methods. ‘Typical use’ takes into account human error (for example, putting the condom on incorrectly, or forgetting to take the pill on time). In this article, we’ve ranked birth control by effectiveness, to make things a little easier for you!

What do you wish you could ask a medical professional? Get in touch to let us know what topics you’d like to be covered here!

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