I feel judged

First thing to remember is that medical professionals are trained to give you unbiased, professional and confidential medical advice. If they don’t do that, or you simply don’t get on with them (because that happens too), then try to find someone new who you can be comfortable with.

Secondly, they’ve seen so many different women & conditions, and heard probably all the questions you’re desperate to ask. There is nothing you can say or show them that is going to shock them.

It’s also in your interest to be totally honest with your gyno… they can better help you if you give them the information they need to help you.

I feel ‘ugly/dirty/weird/insert as appropriate’ down there

See the second point above… it can feel a bit odd to have someone poking around down there, even for the most liberal of ladies. Again, there is nothing that the gyno won’t have seen before.

If that thought doesn’t help you, try reminding yourself that most appointments are over in 30 minutes, and treat yourself to a coffee afterwards, or go sit in the sunshine. That way, you can simply think of the reward.

I feel unexperienced

Every human being has a different experience of life – the same applies to sex, periods and their own body. And that’s the beauty of it. There’s no right age to have started having sex, there’s no rule about what you should like or don’t like (although we’re aware other’s might suggest otherwise)… the gyno should be a ‘safe zone’ & wherever you are on your personal journey with your body, your gyno won’t judge. Their job is simply to advise you on your own health.

What to do if you aren’t happy with your gynocologist? In most countries there’s a list of qualified professionals to choose from. You should always report your doctor if you feel they are unfairly pressurising you into a method of birth control or otherwise that you don’t feel comfortable with.