According to this article published on Valentine’s Day 2019 by the BBC,

almost half of 16-24s say they don’t use a condom when sleeping with someone for the first time.

This is alarming, because condoms are the only way to protect from the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as HIV, Chlamydia or Syphilis, to name a few. According to this short film, “A young person is diagnosed with an STI every four minutes in England”

In this video, the teenagers cite the following for not wanting to use a condom:

  • “I personally prefer bareback sex (sex without a condom”)
  • “My personal preference is not to use a condom. For me, it’s down to a prompt from my sexual partner”
  • “Some boys are like, I’d rather not do it than wear a condom”
  • “I hate the smell of latex and rubber”

See the video by CLICKING HERE 

Condoms are the only way to prevent infection from STIs

Tas, the cool headed HIV and Sexual Health doctor shares these great tips for making the ‘condom chat’ an easy one to have…

  • “It is both of your responsibilities. It takes both people to make a decision to have sex, and I think it’s just about empowerment and a normalcy in saying “We’re going to use a condom”
  • Tas suggests that if you don’t make it a question, and rather a statement – “It’s just going to happen” (That you use a condom)

And, our favourite message from Tas in this video:

In terms of not wearing a condom, there is literally no excuse

So, the message is clear – be prepared for the condom chat and it won’t be as awkward. Try these out for size:

Don’t use the following questions:
  • Is it ok if you wear a condom?
  • Do you mind if we use condoms?
  • I’d prefer it if we use a condom (ok, not a question, but leaves a lot of space for your partner saying no, or persuading you otherwise)
Instead, try these more assertive statements:
  • I only have sex with condoms
  • I’m not having sex without a condom

Practice them before you need them, get comfortable saying them. You’re the only person in charge of your sexual health. For more tips on how to handle a boyfriend who doesn’t want to use a condom, including some alternatives, check out our article ‘How to Handle a Boyfriend who doesn’t want to use Condoms