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Kyleena is a small plastic T-shaped device that your doctor will insert intro your womb – it releases the hormone progestogen to prevent you from getting pregnant (How? Read here).  Some women do find the insertion and removal a little painful (many also don’t) – your doctor may advise you to take a painkiller just before you have it inserted or removed.

The Kyleena IUS is ok for women who otherwise cannot use the combined pill. Women using Kyleena may experience lighter periods, or their periods stop all together, so it may be recommended to women with heavy or painful periods.

Check out this great video from the wonderful Dr Dervaitis, where she unboxes the Kyleena and Mirena, and explains the differences! Dr Dervaitis You Tube channel is a great resource for all things intrauterine device related and you can follow her also on Instagram.

Although the Kyleena IUS is suitable for most women, you should always double check with your doctor if you have or have had any health conditions.


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Key facts about Kyleena

  • Kyleena is around 99% effective when inserted correctly
  • You can keep the Kyleena for 5 years
  • You can have the Kyleena removed at any time (but it needs to be removed by a doctor)
  • You can have the Kyleena fitted at any point in your menstrual cycle (as long as you’re not pregnant)
  • Kyleena does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (condoms, condoms, condoms!)
  • You can have the Kyleena fitted straight after an abortion or miscarriage, and usually 4-6 weeks after giving birth (vaginal or caesarean)
  • It is safe to use the Kyleena if you’re breastfeeding (if 6 weeks have passed since giving birth)

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