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Evra is a type of contraceptive plaster that you stick onto your skin  – on your belly, upper arm, buttock or back. You put on a new plaster each week for 3 weeks before having a week off and then starting again with a new plaster each week.

Evra works by slowly releasing estrogen and progestin, which then thicken the cervical mucus and thin the lining of the uterus. Usually ovulation stops too and women may experience that their periods stop or become lighter.

Evra is suitable for most women, although the patch may be less effective if you’re overweight. You also need to make sure you use it correctly (so we recommend setting reminders in your phone for when to replace the patch). Evra contains estrogen, so it’s not suitable for women who are breast-feeding.


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Key facts about Evra

  • Evra is around 99% effective, if used correctly. It’s less effective if, for example, you forget to replace it on time.
  • Each pack contains 3 Evra patches – you change your patch once a week (always on the same day of the week) for 3 weeks, then have a week with no patch.
  • The week without your patch is when you’ll have your period, but you can also skip the patch-free week to skip your period (check with your doctor before doing this)
  • You can stick the patch on dry, clean skin on your belly, upper arm, buttocks or back (not on your breast)
  • The patch may cause skin irritation
  • You should use a back up contraceptive method for a week after insertion, and talk to your doctor about when to start using the patch
  • Evra does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (condoms, condoms, condoms!)